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Autumn Garden Care: Preparing a Haven for Birds and Wildlife

Posted on October 11 2023, By: Lydia Lucas

Autumn Garden Care: Preparing a Haven for Birds and Wildlife

Autumn is one of the most enchanting times of the year. Yet, as the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, our gardens undergo a transformation. This is the season of preparation and transition, particularly vital for the birds and wildlife that call our gardens home.

Here's how to ensure your garden becomes a sanctuary for them as winter approaches:


  1. The Significance of Autumn Gardening: Autumn is the prelude to winter. Birds and wildlife start their search for food sources that can sustain them through the frosty months ahead. Your garden can serve as a lifeline during this time, offering shelter, warmth, and sustenance.
  2. Feeding the Birds: As food becomes scarcer in the wild, your garden can become a crucial feeding point. Opt for energy-rich feeds such as fat balls and Niger seeds. Additionally, introducing nutrient-dense food like Calciworms can be especially advantageous during this period, offering them the vital energy they require.
  3. Water Sources: Colder nights can lead to frozen water sources, making it challenging for birds to find fresh water. Consider installing a bird bath and check it regularly to ensure the water remains unfrozen. A simple tip is to float a small ball on the water; its movement will reduce the chances of complete freezing.
  4. Shelter and Nesting: Birds seek refuge from the descending cold. Now's the time to give birdhouses a clean, set up new ones, or even leave out materials that birds can use for nest-building. This simple act can provide them with the warmth and safety they desperately need.
  5. Supporting Other Wildlife: Beyond birds, your garden is a refuge for other creatures. Hedgehogs, for instance, benefit from piles of leaves, which mimic their natural habitat. Creating small areas with leaves or logs can offer shelter to various creatures during the colder months.
  6. Planting for Birds: Opt for plants, shrubs, and trees that flourish in autumn, producing berries and seeds. Not only do they add aesthetic value to your garden, but they also provide a natural food source for visiting birds.
  7. Safety Measures: A garden teeming with activity can also attract potential threats. Regularly clean bird feeders to prevent disease and consider safe spots for feeders to keep them away from lurking cats or other predators.


There's a unique pleasure in watching a garden come alive with birdsong and wildlife activity, especially during the serene months of autumn. By taking a few proactive steps, we can ensure that our gardens remain a haven, offering respite and sustenance to our feathered friends and other wildlife. So, pop on a jumper, step into the garden, and enjoy the magic of nature during this enchanting season.