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Being a part of nature

Posted on December 19 2022, By: Lydia Lucas


You can be a bigger part of nature and our local wildlife wherever you live in the UK. We have listed some ideas on how you can take part in creating a better environment for our animals.


RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Fancy being part of the biggest citizen science wildlife survey in the world? In 2022, 700,000 people took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch and counted millions of birds around the UK. They sat with a cuppa spotting starlings, spied on the sparrows with their kids and went robin watching on a gentle stroll around their local parks.

It just takes an hour and can be done at any point over the weekend January 27-29.  Get stocked up on your bird food NOW to create a habitual feeding routine for your garden birds in preparation for the Big Garden Birdwatch.

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Your Outdoor Space




You can create great places for the wildlife to thrive in your own garden no matter what size. With some thoughtful planning you could soon find your outdoor space teaming with insects, birds, small mammals and more.


Some top tips are:

Hang a Squirrel picnic table – our peanuts are incredibly popular with these wonderful climbing creatures as well as birds! It’s great to see them hold them in their hands as they munch!




Feathered feasts – our range of bird food is made of extremely high quality and a mix of seeds (depending on the weather) displayed on a selection of bird tables or feeders will encourage a plethora of birds for you to watch.




Make your Garden wild – don’t worry about how tidy your garden is and you will soon see an increase in nature all around you. If you have limited space, your plants or herbs can be  insect friendly and encourage pollination.


Pondlife – If you have the space a watery wonderland can be an incredible place for wildlife. Frogs and newts will hop straight here and will keep any slugs at bay. Fish can be incredibly calming and there is nothing better than reading a book next to the sound of water. Our range of fish food can be used in all ponds and we are always on hand to offer advice.




Visit nature reserves




There are hundreds of wonderful nature reserves throughout the UK that you can visit and see wildlife in abundance. Not only that, but they have great activities for children and advice for how to encourage more wildlife in your home.

Here are a few websites you may find interesting:

National Nature Reserves Government Website

Dorset Wildlife Trust

Woodland Trust