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Caring for your pond fish in Winter

Posted on January 10 2023, By: Lydia Lucas

Caring for your pond fish in Winter

As the coldest months of the year approach with temperatures plummeting, your pond fish will become increasingly sluggish. They will seek out the lower depths of the pond as they reach a state of semi hibernation or metabolic inactivity.

Pond fish are cold blooded creatures which means that their body temperature is controlled by their surroundings. Their behaviour will depend on how warm or cold they are, so knowing the temperature of the water in your pond is essential to the health of your fish. A drop in water temperature will cause a slowing down of their metabolism, with a resulting lack of appetite and a reduced need for nutrients.  They may still eat but be unable to digest the food properly, leading to health complications.

Once the temperature reaches 10 – 15 degrees its best to mix some low protein wheatgerm based food in with their standard high protein feeds. Then increase the wheatgerm, while decreasing the high protein food until the temperature reaches a steady 10 degrees and then offer them wheatgerm feed only until your fish begin to move to the lower depths for the winter.

Once they stop coming up for food is the time to stop feeding until the spring. They may well pop up to be fed on those unseasonably warm days but don’t be tempted to feed them at this time. They will have reserves of fat laid down in the summer and there will be no shortage of microscopic foodstuff in the pond itself. 

In the spring, with the temperature around 10 degrees, your fish will start popping up again and when they do follow the procedure above in reverse. Feed them wheatgerm until the temperature reaches 15 degrees and then continue with your high protein feed as normal.

By caring for your pond fish in this way, you’ll be helping them to stay healthy, active and vibrant and by giving them the very best nutrition you’ll be strengthening their immune systems so that they’re fit to fight off the viruses and parasites that may be laying in wait for them in the spring. This is where we come in.

Our wheatgerm pellets have been specially formulated to give your fish everything they need to thrive, in all seasons. The very best nutrition available with a 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction. We are always adding to our extensive range of high protein products so check out the website for the latest additions. 

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