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Feeding your garden birds

Posted on June 14 2024, By: Lydia Lucas


Despite the unpredictable weather, our garden birds are busily preparing for their mating season.

They're on the lookout for food and nesting materials. Supporting these industrious creatures is easy, especially if you have pets.

You can help by placing pet hair from grooming sessions into a peanut feeder for the birds to use in their nests.

Providing a variety of food sources such as wildflowers, feeders, and water will attract various species. Foliage and seed-producing plants offer natural foraging opportunities, while foods like mealworms, seeds, and peanuts cater to different bird sizes and needs.

Helping with Nesting

Birds require materials to build sturdy nests. Discarded pet hair can be placed in a peanut feeder, offering birds a convenient nesting material source. Observing this process can also give you insight into their nesting stages.

Food and Water Sources

Having diverse food sources supports birds during their reproductive season. Wildflowers, various feeders, and accessible water sources attract multiple bird species. Planting foliage and seed-producing plants provides natural foraging and shelter for fledglings. Supplementing with mealworms, seeds, and peanuts enhances the food variety for garden birds.

Encouraging Bird Activity

Providing a supportive environment for garden birds not only aids their reproduction but also enriches your garden with lively bird activity. Watching these birds thrive in your garden can be a rewarding experience, adding vibrancy and life to your outdoor space.

By offering a mix of natural and provided food sources, nesting materials, and water, you can significantly support the bird population in your garden. Embrace the opportunity to create a thriving habitat for birds, ensuring their health and success throughout the summer.