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Get Your Garden Pond Spring-Ready

Posted on March 01 2024, By: Lydia Lucas


Spring is on its way, and it's time to look after your garden pond. Here’s how to clean up your pond and feed your fish right to kick off the season.


Clean Up Time

First things first, you need to clean your pond. Winter probably left it a bit messy with leaves and stuff. Get those out and give your pond a good tidy-up. This helps your fish and plants stay healthy.


Check Your Equipment

Have a look at your pond's pump and filter to make sure they're working properly. They might need a clean too after being off over winter. This will keep your water moving and clean, which is great for your fish.


Water Quality

Spring is a good time to check your pond water. Test it to see if everything’s balanced (like pH levels). If things are a bit off, you might need to sort that out before adding any new plants or fish.


Time to Feed Your Fish

When your pond is clean and your water’s good, start feeding your fish again. But not too much, too soon. Our Walter Products Multi Pond Flakes are perfect for this. They’re made just for cold water fish like goldfish and koi.


Why Our Fish Food?

  • Quality Ingredients: Only the best stuff goes into our flakes. This means your fish get all the nutrients they need without messing up your pond’s water.
  • Good for Your Pond: Our flakes are easy for fish to digest. This means less waste and clearer water.
  • Easy to Use: The flakes float and are brightly coloured, so if your fish don’t eat them all, you can easily scoop them out. This keeps the water nice and clear.


Spruce Up with Plants

Lastly, add some new plants or tidy up the ones you’ve got. Plants are great for keeping the water clean and give your fish places to hide.


Getting your pond ready for spring isn’t too hard. A good clean, checking everything’s working, sorting the water out, and feeding your fish the right food can make a big difference. With our Multi Pond Flakes, you’re set for feeding time. They keep your fish happy and your pond looking good. Here’s to a great spring with a lively, lovely pond!