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How Peanuts Transform Your Garden into a Wildlife Winter Wonderland

Posted on December 15 2023, By: Lydia Lucas


This winter we are seeing varied weather from sharp cold frost to wet and mild temperatures. As you know, this also means that there is very little available for our garden wildlife to feed on. However, to create your own wildlife winter wonderful, we suggest the ever popular – peanuts! At Walter Products, we understand the important role these nuts play in sustaining garden wildlife during these challenging months. Let's find out why our finest grade peanuts are not just a bird food, but a super-food for all your garden visitors.


The Mighty Peanut: A Super-food for Birds

 Our Walter Products Peanuts are nothing short of a nutritional powerhouse. With a robust 22-30% protein content and 44-50% healthy fats, they are the perfect winter feast for birds. These nutrients are essential in keeping your feathered friends warm through the chill of winter and thriving during the growth season. 

But it’s not just about warmth and energy. Our peanuts are packed with essential vitamins like A and E, minerals such as potassium and iron, and a generous 8.5% fibre content. This nutrient-rich profile ensures the birds in your garden don their healthiest feathers and maintain sharp beaks - crucial for their survival and wellbeing.


A Garden Alive with Birds

 Introducing 'Walter Products Peanuts for Wild Birds' to your garden is like rolling out a red carpet for a variety of bird species. From the melodious Wren to the industrious Woodpecker, peanuts have a universal appeal. Even the more elusive Jays and Nuthatches find it hard to resist the allure of these tasty morsels.

 For the smaller, more delicate birds, a simple trick works wonders – blend the peanuts. Blended nuts in the growth season prevent choking hazards for younger and smaller birds, ensuring safe feeding.


Squirrels: The Other Enthusiastic Nut Lovers


 Our finest grade peanuts don't just stop at birds; they are also a favourite among squirrels. To create a harmonious garden ecosystem where both birds and squirrels coexist, strategic feeding is key. Utilise a squirrel-specific feeder for these furry acrobats and a separate squirrel-proof feeder for birds. This ensures everyone gets their fair share without competition.


Embracing Winter Wildlife

At Walter Products, nestled in the heart of the New Forest, we are inspired daily by the nature that surrounds us. Our commitment to bringing you the best in wildlife care extends beyond products; it's about fostering a connection between our customers and the natural world. By choosing Walter Products Peanuts, you're not just feeding wildlife; you're inviting a symphony of natural wonders into your garden.

This winter, let your garden be a haven of life and activity. With Walter Products Peanuts, witness the beauty of nature thriving right outside your window, and know that with every peanut, you're making a difference.