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Welcoming Spring: Garden Birds to Look Out for in April and May

Posted on April 13 2023, By: Lydia Lucas

Welcoming Spring: Garden Birds to Look Out for in April and May

As the days grow longer and temperatures slowly rise, the UK's gardens come alive with the sights and sounds of our beloved garden birds. This time of year sees a delightful influx of colourful species making a welcome return after their winter migration. At Walter Products, we're passionate about providing high-quality bird and fish food to ensure our feathered friends are well-nourished during this exciting time.


In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most delightful garden birds to look out for in April and May, as well as offer tips on how you can attract and support them with Walter Products' range of nutritious bird food.





With their sleek bodies and agile flight, swallows are a joy to watch as they return to the UK in April. These iconic birds, with their deep-blue upperparts, red throat and long, forked tail, can often be seen swooping and gliding through the skies in search of insects. Provide them with a supply of Walter Products' insect-based bird food to give them the energy they need during this busy time.


House Martins


Similar to swallows in appearance, house martins are distinguished by their white underparts and shorter tail. These sociable birds build intricate mud nests under the eaves of houses, providing a safe space for their young. Offer them a steady source of protein-rich bird food from Walter Products to support their nest-building activities and growing families.


Willow Warblers


The melodious song of the willow warbler is a sure sign of spring. These small, greenish-brown birds can be found flitting through shrubs and trees in search of insects. As they're mainly insectivorous, providing a supply of Walter Products' insect-based bird food is an excellent way to support them during their stay.




The blackcap is a small, melodious songbird with a distinctive black cap (in males) or brown cap (in females). They favour gardens with plenty of shrubbery, where they can be seen darting between branches. To attract blackcaps to your garden, provide a mix of Walter Products' bird food, including suet pellets and sunflower hearts, to cater to their diverse diet.




These striking birds, with their bright yellow wings and red faces, can often be seen perched on the branches of trees and shrubs. They're particularly fond of nyjer seeds, so be sure to stock up on Walter Products' nyjer seed bird food to attract these colourful visitors to your garden.


The return of these delightful garden birds in April and May is a true celebration of the season. By providing a variety of high-quality bird food from Walter Products, you can help support these species as they prepare for breeding and raising their young.

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So, keep your eyes peeled and your bird feeders stocked as we welcome these feathered friends back to our gardens for another enchanting spring season.

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