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    Nutritious Calci Worms for Birds

    Fill Your Garden with Bird Life with Calcium-Rich Natural Bird Food in Reusable Bucket and Refillable Bags


    Packed with all-natural goodness, these high-protein, high-calcium treats are just the feast that wild birds crave. Easy to serve and adored by a wide variety of bird species, our Calcium Worms come in a reusable bucket or refill bag that keeps the feed fresh and mess-free.

    CalciWorms, packed with calcium, offer a nutritional edge over mealworms, promoting stronger bones and feathers in your garden birds.

    Promotes Healthy Birds

    Calci Worms are high in protein and calcium, key nutrients for bird health. CalciWorms offer superior nutrition to mealworms, providing not just high protein but also increased calcium for better bird health.


    When to feed Calci Worms

    You can feed Calci Worms to wild birds all year round. They are especially beneficial in the winter and summer when birds need extra energy.


    Refillable Bags

    Our 'Stay Fresh Refill Bags' are made of tough durable plastic, ensuring your Calci Worms arrive safely in a fresh, securely sealed bag.

    Stay Fresh Easy Tubs

    Our 'Stay Fresh Easy Tubs' make storing your calci worms a breeze, no refrigeration required!
    Our reusable, airtight, watertight, vermin proof tubs are not only easy to open, carry and store but they keep the bird food odours inside the tub!


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    Bird food