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Walter’s Mealworms

Size  | 2L Tub

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    Dried Mealworms for Birds

    Fill Your Garden with Bird Life with Plump, Juicy, Highly Nutritious Premium Grade Mealworms in Stay Fresh Tubs


    Walter’s Dried Mealworms can be fed year-round, but they are particularly loved by our feathered friends in the colder months, when natural food is more sparse. Due to their high protein content mealworms are also in high demand during the nesting season, particularly in Spring, when the birds feed mealworms to their fledglings.

    How to Feed mealworms?

    It couldn’t be more simple. Walters dried mealworms can be fed from a feeder, a bird table or simply scattered on the ground. In hot periods, feed in the shade out of direct sunlight. Feed as a Treat - we highly recommend adding mealworms as a supplement to your daily bird feed or as a treat. You’ll soon notice the birds pick them out, but mealworms shouldn’t be used as a stand-alone bird food. Mix your mealworms with some seed or nuts for a highly balanced, complete diet.

    Should I Soak Them?

    You can feed Walters dried mealworms straight from the bag. But for some added juice, soak your mealworms in hot water for 20-40 minutes, then drain and serve! In periods of dry weather, soaked mealworms give the birds some much needed hydration. In Spring, when the birds are feeding their fledglings, it’s a great idea to soak the mealworms. Soaked mealworms make less mess and are easier for the young birds to swallow.

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    Bird food