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Walter Products' SuperMix: The Ultimate Pond Fish Food for a Thriving Ecosystem

Posted on April 28 2023, By: Lydia Lucas

Walter Products' SuperMix: The Ultimate Pond Fish Food for a Thriving Ecosystem

Discover the remarkable benefits of Walter Products' SuperMix, a premium pond fish food specifically formulated for goldfish, koi, and all cold-water pond fish.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the high-quality ingredients and exceptional nutritional profile of our floating fish food pond pellets and sticks.

Learn how our unique SuperMix, packed with Wheat Germ and Spirulina, contributes to clear water, healthy plants, and vibrant fish, making it the go-to choice for ponds across the UK. Plus, find out how our easy-to-manage, lightweight pond sticks ensure that overfeeding never compromises your pond's water clarity and quality.


Quality Ingredients and Nutritional Profile:

At Walter Products, we believe in using only the finest ingredients in our SuperMix. This exceptional fish food contains Wheat Germ and Spirulina, which provide a completely balanced nutritional profile, complementing your pond's delicately balanced ecosystem. By choosing top-quality ingredients, we ensure that your fish receive the optimal nutrition they need to thrive.


Floating Pond Pellet/Sticks Mix:

Our 4mm floating pond pellet/sticks mix is perfect for all cold-water pond fish, especially koi, goldfish, orfe, ide, and carp. These versatile pond pellets and sticks are easy to consume and digest, ensuring that your fish receive the nutrients they need for healthy growth and vitality.


Clear Water, Healthy Plants, and Vibrant Fish:

Using only the best ingredients in our SuperMix means that your pond water stays clear and your plants healthy. As a result, your fish will enjoy an environment that promotes their overall well-being. The SuperMix has become the koi and goldfish food of choice in ponds across the UK, and our fish pellets are suitable for, and loved by, all cold water pond fish.


Easy-to-Manage Overfeeding:

We understand that overfeeding can be a concern for pond owners, as excess food can impact water clarity and quality. That's why our SuperMix pond sticks are lightweight and brightly coloured, making them easy to spot and remove. This innovative feature ensures that any overfeed doesn't affect the delicate balance of your pond's ecosystem.


Walter Products' SuperMix offers a unique combination of premium quality, balanced nutrition, and user-friendly features, making it the ideal choice for maintaining a thriving pond ecosystem. Experience the difference that SuperMix can make in your own pond and enjoy the benefits of clear water, healthy plants, and vibrant fish.


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